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Centrally located near Louisville, Kentucky, Applied Mechanics provides advanced analytical expertise to clients throughout the world.  Experienced in the analysis and manufacturing of both machinery and heavy equipment, we can help identify and solve equipment problems in any industrial setting.  Well accomplished in both diagnostics and design, 20% of our workload is related to failure analysis.

The company began in 1993 when the founder, Richard T. Hallman PE started performing analysis for two Louisville based firms, a metallurgical laboratory and a pressure vessel manufacturer in his basement.  In 1996, Applied Mechanics Company was registered as an engineering firm in Kentucky, but remained a part time effort.  In 2002, the company  became a full time enterprise.   Reflecting how the customer base has grown from local clients in the USA to Europe, Asia and the Middle East, we became Applied Mechanics International, LLC in 2005.

Applied Mechanics International, LLC

Industrial Equipment Design, Analysis, and Troubleshooting

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